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Body Counselor

Health and Healing through Massage and Body Work

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Do you have headaches caused by stress?
Do you suffer from depression?
Do you have memory loss?
Or how about insomnia?

There is a simple solution for all this.

The body has many ways of healing itself if only we let it work the way it was meant to. Fear and anger have the ability to contract muscles, cause pain and inhibit blood flow, which stops the life giving energy to the organ it is associated with.

Armand, through his own unique massage techniques, can get rid of headaches caused by stress, alleviate depression and get rid of insomnia to allow you to sleep peacefully.

If you are going to be in the Las Vegas area and would like to schedule an appointment you can contact Armand by email at

Armand is also available for Corporate Seminars, to help your employees be more productive. For more information on pricing and availability email at

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